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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It's fall. Ah, the scent of frost in the air, pumpkins on every doorstep, the awaited snow to fall for those fabulous words, "No school!", pie and turkeys already being purchased, and best of all, leaves! LEAVES! Now, imagine if your mom (or wife, or husband, or you're a maid, or, whoever in charge of you!) asks you to rake the yard. So, you go out there with your rake, have your gloves on, got your tarp for piles, got a fleece, you look like you're gonna make those leaves fear you! But you take the rake, rake one rectangle, and say "I'm done!". This is called lying without lying. You did rake leaves! So, what happens when Mom comes out (I really don't want to do this again) and she says, "Honey! You didn't rake the leaves!". And you say, "Yes I did! You just didn't say how many!" This is cute, if you're five. If I did that, it would be more like:

Mom: Cassidy! Come here!
Cassidy: What?
Mom: You said you raked the leaves!
Cassidy: I did, but you didn't say how many!
Mom: Cassidy, go rake the rest!
Cassidy: Mom! I'm blogging right now!
Mom: Blogging can wait! Now, go rake the leaves right now!
Cassidy: Okay! Fine!
Cassidy goes to rake

By the way, this didn't just happen one minute ago. Mom's raking today.

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BostonBrown said...

sounds like you were being a little "smart"