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Monday, November 30, 2009

Good bye, November

I would proudly like to announce, that in this very month, November, I have written seventeen posts! That's the most in one month I've written this year! My personal best is November of 2008, and that's twenty four posts! That's gonna take some effort to beat. If you notice, both records are in November. I guess I have a lot of free time in November. If you combine both months, I have written 41 posts! Now, in all I have written (including this one) 153 posts. My average posting number is approx. 7. A lot of math in this post. Well, November's chill and frostbitten wind is blowing away and December's ice-cold and smoky fires are blowing in. Kristine's sleeping over this weekend. Sheesh and KK are coming over too. It's gonna be a full house, I guess. There's gonna be a lot of Wii-playing and baby-sitting here at WOC headquarters. Oops, gotta go. Bye guys! Bye November!

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