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Monday, November 16, 2009

Time sure flies

I just re-read my first post, and I forgot what I had said. In quote,

"I think blogging will help me share my thoughts."

Wow. It's amazing how much I was right. This blog is like keeping an online diary, I can just talk with absolutely no certain point! (Which I usually don't have) When I started this blog, I was nine. I didn't even know how to climb trees then! Little did I know when I posted that first post that I'd have tons of posts (probably) all being read by people. That one post taught me how you guys are like the friends I've never met, how I talk to you, and sometimes you can talk to me. I think that one day, April 12Th, 2008, I changed my life. Sorry for going all serious on you. Back to awesomeness, my sister just came down here in a brown dress she made herself. It's actually a dance costume but...Gotta go!

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BostonBrown said...

it's fun to look back at time's past. i was just looking at my high school year book on saturday.