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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holy Cross Women's Basketball

Last night me and my dad went to see a free Holy Cross Women's Basketball game. It was very fun. Holy Cross crusaders won, of course. We sat for the first half on incredibly hard and uncomfortable benches. The second half was on pleasant purple chairs up on the balcony. We went to see at the Hart Center in Wooster, Massachusetts. My dad said he thought we were on the wrong side, because everyone kept on cheering for Assumption, the other team. At the end of first half, we were down. But we caught up last second. Gotta go. Go holy cross!


Tony said...

go Holy Cross. I had a great time with ya kiddo.. I love you so much


BostonBrown said...

i've been meaning to catch a holy cross men's bb game for a while. perhaps i've been inspired.