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Friday, November 6, 2009

Don't mind the last post

I'm sorry about the pictures for the last post. I don't know how that happened. Well, what's done is done. So, besides apologizing, let's talk about what I'm having for breakfast. I can't have cereal, because there's no milk, and I don't want toast, because, well, I just don't want toast. Well, let's not talk about food. Let's talk about life. Now, I'm sure every one's aware of that horrible Swine flu going around. Why do they call it swine flu? I think the guy who got it first was tending pigs when it caught on. Well, I think my family's sick. My sister caught it yesterday, and Mom's still fighting it, and Dad never caught it. So, me? I do not want to be sick! I hate being sick. You miss everything when you're sick. One time, me and Corrina threw up (Hope you don't mind that I didn't use a fancy word) on Saturday, and Dad said church was a whole lot quieter without us screaming and running and (this part's only for me) occasionally throwing people down onto the ground and stepping on them. I only do this when I've lost my temper, or I'm just stressed. Sometimes I just get mad and go crazy. When I get stressed, most people can tell it. But, it's not like I'm a professional wrestler. If I get stressed and have harmed you physically and/or mentally, I'm sorry. Oh, we're right back where we started from! ;)

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BostonBrown said...

such is life. oooh, speaking of which, that's a cool blog.