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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thou beith reading this most awesome post!

Have you guys ever seen a TV show, or read a book, or seen a movie where people talk like, "Thou is a gentile being, and I beleiveth that thou may be a lovely bride." and stuff like that? Can you understand them? I think it's complete nonsense, and I can't make out a word they say! When I was in North Carolina on vacation, at the medieval fair, I heard someone ask, "What is all this stuff?" and her friend replied, "Ye old expensive!" It amazes me how some people can actually relate that stuff to talking. I never use words like, "Thee" "Thou" "Sire" "Thine" and countless others. I talk like any other tomboy my age. People understand me. Nobody, though, can translate Romeo and Juliette. Maybe instead of, "My bounty is bountiful and yadda, yadda, yadda..." they could have just said, "I love you, Romeo!" or something like that. Maybe, then people would actually understand what they say! Now, some people talk weirdly. Like, Ignorance! Sorry, that's my character in Pilgrim's Process, which passed. She was a strange talker. She said, "Like" about 7,890,109,893,900 times. But, she was just the valley girl. She didn't say. "Like, I beith on my way to thou Celestial City! I have started on ye old path, like, this morning!" Now that wouldn't be a part I like to play. Or Juliette. She dies.

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BostonBrown said...

it's why i don't read the kjv of the bible...don't talk in thou's thus it doesn't make sense to me. also why i don't like shakespeare...