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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sharp things

Broken glass is sharp. So are scissor tips. So are knifes, swords, needles, pins, and jagged metal. Pillows are soft. So are pompoms. So are teddy bears, towels, sweaters, socks, and cotton. So, what gives things their shapes? Why don't scissor tips feel like teddy bears? Because of their use! You can't really cuddle with something sharp, and you can't cut with something soft. Say you need to cut a rope. Your friend hands you some socks. Are those really going to help you? Not really. They might help if you're cold, not if you're cutting. So, say you're sewing. You don't use pillow fluff to stitch! And you don't go to sleep at night snuggling up with your needle kit! So, everything has a purpose. But I use neither sharp things or soft things to play a Wii game. I use a hard thing, the Wii remote of Wii balance board. Well, if everything has a purpose, what about the things that aren't sharp, hard, or soft? What about things that we don't use? What about people who don't like llamas? These are the questions that haunt me.

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