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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas coats

Well, it's DEC. 2ND. That means that (to me, not officially, like, on a calender) it's winter. Snow, evergreens, jingle bells, Holiday music, and of course, the dreaded, WINTER COATS. I hate winter coats! I'll wear mittens, I'll wear hats, I'm a huge fan of scarfs, but I have to say, winter coats and snow pants are the only thing I don't like about winter. They're stiff, uncomfortable, and you can't move! Well, honestly, if Mom didn't make me bundle up, I'd be wearing' Flip flops and Aeropostle sweaters year 'round. So, really, I'm not a heavy dresser. I'm a huge fan of blue jeans, and anything really baggy or that says something funny. Like, oh, I'm also big on peace-signs. And I kind-of design my own clothes. I accessorize with paint, cloth, and and rips (ha). Christmas is a wonderful time of year. And coat's are evil.

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