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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Monday, December 21, 2009


I have nothing to do! (That's unusual for me) No school, nothing to fix, nothing to paint, nothing to clean, nothing to superglue, nothing to pick up, it's Christmas vacation! Humph. That's boring. How do people get through unoccupied? I would fix my purple necklace, did that Thursday. I would investigate the squeaky wheel on my scooter, did that Sunday.I would try to measure the snow, did that yesterday. I would make my Christmas specials for ClaymationBunnies, the dancing Santa hop, Hatville, and Cassidy Bear, but I filmed those all last Monday! Maybe I'll go film a new one, yeah. That's what I'll do. But, I can't complain. At least I don't have to school!

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