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Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm back

Merry Christmas! (Three days late) I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did. Got a snowboard, sock monkey, and a bunch of clothes (I do every year, but this year I got some darn cool stuff). Aidan and Casey have turned our house into a toystore, and Corrina has turned my bedroom into an art studio. She got this easel thingy, and it's smack in there. Well, life is good. I just came from outside. New year's is up ahead. Party's not here, it's at sushi's. I'm sleeping into 2010. Wow, next year I'll be twelve. Ah! That means I'm a youth! AHH! Panic! I have to savor every last bit of my childhood before I (gulp) have to grow up! AHHHH! I don't wanna grow up (I wanna be a toys R us kid!). Well, I'm only eleven. I'm glad of that. Dad is trying to go at Wii sports resort canoeing. Well, he's not really doing to well. He's yelling at the screen. " No, the other way!" "Oh, come on!" "All these distractions!" I'm awful at it myself, but it's funny watching him. He did beat my score, though. I gotta go. Aidan wants to play "planes". (Or island flyover, if you want to hear the correct term).

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Hailz said...

who does want to grow up? YUM sushi! i love me some tuna sashimi! and some edamame and some... sushi... yum...yeah.:^)