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Monday, December 7, 2009

That fluffy stuff

It snowed. Yay! I love snow. It's so nice and white and sparkly! I love throwing snow, especailly at people who don't want you to. Like the youth. I also love to sled! Although my sled could do with a turbo engine, I can go pretty fast. I love the way snow looks. Have you ever ridded down the street and there is no other color then white? Isn't that cool? Oh, I have something extrememly important so tell you. Today me and my family went to go see Aidan and Casey. They are SOOOOOOOO cute! Aidan is four, he's a little tall for his age, he has crazy curly hair, and Casey's three, he's normal height, he's blonde, and he came up to dad and said Hi. We talked to the social worker and she said we were number 1. That's good to know. So, we just finished wrapping presants. I like giving/getting presants.

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