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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, another year done with. Tomorrow's new years eve. I'm gonna miss 2009. Not really. But, it was a good year. However, if it didn't pass, how could I ever ask for something for my next birthday? Ah, I'm always looking into the bright future. Ah, well, it's Wednesday. Just another day; stuck between Tuesday and Thursday. You know, life is short, when you think about it. One thing you know you're at a new years party, then you're egg-hunting, then you're swimming, then you're raking, then you're shoveling, then you're putting up the tree, and then you're at new years again! My entire year, into only one sentence. Wow. What and exciting life. Happy 2009, farewell to the year I turned 11. And, good bye, to all those who will go somewhere after Xing out this blog. I hope where you're going has Internet, because I'm forwarding posts.

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