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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today I officially met Aidan and Casey. AH! They're so cute! We went to McDonald's for lunch and we played in the play place. They're full-speed ahead, but it was fun! Finally, a little sibling who doesn't play with dolls! They like transformers. Maybe Santa will make some last-minute adjustments to his toy workshop. I have even more exciting news! ONLY ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL CHRISTMAS! WHO-HO! Only one more week! I am so excited! So excited, I tell you people! I am cold (I won't wear a winter coat, though), but the fire is nice and warm. Ah, warm. I think that Christmas time is my favorite time of the year. I love the fact that every one's happy and merry and I have downloaded as much Christmas music as the band has onto my MP3 player. I am excited about Christmas, excited about Casey and Aidan, excited about this, excited about that, I'm excited! Pray for us and keep hoping.

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