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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The merry-go-round of friend ship

Welcome back, to the blog carnival! Do you want to ride the merry-go-round? If so, come aboard! First, you choose a horsey. You find a friend. But, like a merry-go-round, things can sometimes get shaky. Have you ever had a fight with your best friend? Once, in first grade, I had a huge fight with my friend Jamie. Merry-go-rounds spin and whirl, up and down, around in a circle.Sometimes having a friend can go astray,like sometimes a merry-go-round breaks off in the middle of a ride. You could disagree, insult without knowing it, or they're be doing something you aren't allowed to and you know its wrong. Say if your Cristian and a friend offers you a beer. You shouldn't take that and you shouldn't really be friends. But, the merry-go-round can be lots of fun! As well as having a good friend. You know Shannon and Katie. When I hang out with them or give them phone calls, it's always fun. Just pick the right friends. If you're girly a tomboy might not be best for you. If you're afraid of heights, and he loves tree climbing, that might not go down to well. Ah, it's the end of the ride and the post. See you next ride!


Tony said...

hey kiddo.. i just caught up readign all these. i love you.. i feel sick from riding all the rides.. nothing too crazy tho. not like those teacups corrina had me ride in disney world.. That was the carnival ride of daddy feeling sick. good stuff here buddy! you growing into an awesome lady! must be good parenting. hahahahaha.


BostonBrown said...

merry-go-rounds are creepy. they scare me.