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Friday, April 10, 2009


Today was jam-packed awesome! First thing I got up, me and Corrina dyed Easter eggs! We now have the best eggs ever! Then, after breakfast, we went bowling! I won a round, with bumpers, of course. It was fun. Then I played DDR in the bowling Ally's arcade. I passed two rounds. Then we went to the Springfield science museum. It's really cool. There's an aquarium, a dinosaur hall, a space center, a rock section, and a history of the Indians. There are live turtles, fish in tanks, baskets really woven by the Indians, dinosaur fossils, and African animal statues. There's lots to see and do! There's a Dr. Seuss memorial garden, and a girt shop. Then we went to the Springfield art museum. It has paintings, and sculptures, and cool huge murals. Now I've eaten dinner and have blogged. See ya!

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