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Saturday, April 18, 2009

My first ever blog carnival of life!

Welcome to my 5 day series of the blog carnival of life! During these next five blogs, we will be going through 5 carnival-and-life related topics. Life, taxes, friendship,school, and getting older. Today we are talking about the roller coaster of life. Ups and downs, twirls and whirls, jerks and works, spins and wins, halts and starts. When you start the ride, you feel anxious. It's like starting a new life. You wanna do it and get started. Then comes the big hill. You can't wait to get over it. Like a little kid wants to be a grown up. Usually lots of dress-up around this age. Then you're zooming down and going fast. You know how to ride a bike, climb a tree, run real fast, and can do your basic math. You're learning everything you can and having plenty of fun. Then the curves and bumps, sometimes upside-down. You're zooming so fast and feel like you wanna stop. You're having growth spurts, breaking up with your dates, and flunking tests. You just want it all to stop. Those years of fun and anticipation are long gone now! Now you're near the end and kind of enjoying it now. You might have a spouse, kids, a home, and maybe a pool. You're planning on a happy life with you're family and you're emotional years are past. Now you're almost done and slowing down. You have grand kids, you're parent might have passed away, and you don't feel as active. Now it's the end of the ride. You lead a good life and you're off to you're grave. Wow, you're entire life in two paragraphs! Sorry, and enjoy that casket!

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