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Monday, April 6, 2009

My favorite book

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. By the title, you may assume (new word) the subject is books, particularly my favorite. (I'll isolate all the new and/or big words throughout this post) I like a lot of kinds of books. Comics, fairy tale, fantasy, humor, and don't anybody say 'love stories' out there! But my favorite is the best book published. It's old, but not dull. It has stories of adventure, miracles, journeys, sad deaths, happy newborn life, animals, praise, kings, imprisoning, and Resurrection. Maybe you own a copy. It's called the Bible. It's a really cool book. And it's true. The bible is a nice book, all about a really cool guy named Jesus. Jesus was no ordinary guy, though. No way. He was God's son. A Savior! He took the form of man to come to earth and die for our sins. You might be going all 'If I die, will all my sins be forgiven?' No way! Since Jesus was the son of the guy who created the world, it was special. After Jesus died, three days later, he rose up from the dead! How cool! In the bible, it also tells about how the world was created,the prophecy of Jesus coming, the disciples, parting oceans, journeys, faith, fiery bushes, miracles, and so much more! So don't just sit there reading, see for yourself and go get a copy today!

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