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Friday, June 5, 2009

I have my first performance!

Hey. For the last three years of co-op talent shows, I have been doing a comedy act, Cass Comedy. This year, I took it to new heights. Cass Comedy re-loaded is packed with jokes and skits, all written by me. But in 3 days, CCR is moving from co-op to stage. Pastor Mike saw the comedy act about two years ago, and I think he thought it was funny. This Saturday night I will be performing at my church's spaghetti dinner, hosted by Ms. Joanie and Stephanie, her grand-daughter. Me and Corrina June (who will be my assistant) are kicking things off with skits by me, followed by a classic joke act from year 2. We have twists and turns that will leave you begging for more. So if you're looking for some laughs, come on down to my church! We have surprises for everyone, and you'll laugh so hard, you'll fall out of your seat. And please wear socks, cause they will be knocked off. Well, speaking of knocked (or more of falling) off, my dad built us a rope swing. It was inspired by my friend Jessica's rope swing that was the main attraction at her birthday sleep-over. Me, Jessica, Maura (another friend), and my new friend Samantha had a great time. So, I gotta go rehearse for my big show. See ya!

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Polly said...

can't wait for you to make me laugh!

...cause you never do that. :o)