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Friday, June 12, 2009

Rocko for Dummies

I have now read the book Golden retrievers for dummies, and I now know that Rocky is very special. I love my dog like crazy, and he is currently right next to me. Now, going way back, I used to have a dog named Chewy. That dog HATED me! Stupid fluffy teeny monster dog! Now, I am acquainted with several dogs. There's Beauty, my friend Jessica's dog. And Chloe, my Uncle Chuck's dog. Then there's Sadie, Grammy's dog. And Zorro, Tashi, Emma, Buddy, and more! I must say, though, that Rocky is my favorite. There is not a cuddlier, sweeter, Dumber, sillier, crazier, better dog anywhere in the world. Rocky is 5 now and will be six in September. I will love him no matter what. Oh, more news! We're getting approved for adoption today, hopefully! This is the day! Everyone, cross your fingers and start praying! We need all the hope we can get. Well, whoever we adopt, they'll have a great new dog! Good by, fellow Americans! And Texans! And Marzipan's! And Polish! And Finnish! And Scottish! And Swedish!

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