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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Tonight, to celebrate father's day, my family are going to a Wooster Tornadoes game! Isn't that awesome? We did it last year too. The ice cream was amazing, I got an autograph from Twister (the mascot) but let's not forget about the game! The tornadoes lost, but it was still lots of fun. I can't wait until we go! Hopefully the game isn't rained out. If it pours, I want a refund! Now, this is my dad's treat for fathers day, so we better not loose! WHO'S WITH ME? Do I see all 3 people who read this blog raising their hands? I hope so! If you aren't a father, just go to the game by yourself, or with your girlfriend or with your Sushi. Whichever you like! I want to just tell my dad, if he's reading, that he's the best dad on earth! Only one dad that tops you, and it's God. But on this planet, YOU ROCK! P.S. Thanks for the rope swing. Bonn voyage, Tornadoes fans!

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