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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Adoption. I want to adopt soon. VERY soon. Today my mom had to contact our social worker. It's been forever since we've heard from her. We may have found the little boy and girl for us. Tyler (2) and Talia (6) are two kids my mom just recently met with at a friends house. They're in foster care. My mom only got to meet the little boy, so we don't know about the girl. So, we've crossed our fingers. But they had an interview today, so it's just a maybe. But our social worker hasn't finished the home study casework, so we're not even approved. But today my mom phone the boos of our social worker, and things are on the move again. The casework should be completed by June 12. We hope these kids are a possibility, but I'll leave that up to God. He'll decide what's best for us. This is a learning experience, so what have I learned? That social workers are slow and that foster kids are extremely unfortunate. Well, see you for post 102!Oh, and here's a picture of an old guy selling cotton candy at a providence bruins game. Enjoy!


Tony said...

mandy meh... mandaayyy

I love Cass.
love Dad

BostonBrown said...

Wow...I'm glad that you have looked into the avenue of adopting Cassidy. It is a nice thing for you to do. I hope your parents are supportive...What? Oooohhh, you mean the family's adopting a kid, not you. That's good...haha.

Seriously though, I proud of you for your interest and reliance on God in this matter. It's very mature of you. You're a good kid...you really are. Don't ever stop being you...it would be a great loss for the rest of us!