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Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi! I'm just back from vacation! Yep, that's right. Sorry I didn't tell you I was leaving. Well, anyways, here's what we did. The first day we woke up at five AM to head to Washington DC, our whacked out nation's capital. It was kinda fun, but we did a lot of walking. Don't get me wrong, I mean, the Lincoln memorial was cool and the inside of the Metro station looked like something from a Superman movie, but there wasn't a whole lot of kid stuff there. Such as: What kid wants to see the national treasury? Not this one. The next day was much better. We went to a ton of the Smithsonian museums. That air & space is SO awesome! I also liked the others. That night we went on a wild goose chase around Alexandria, a town in Virginia next to DC, for a restaurant named Bilbo Baggins, which turned out to be a bar anyways. So we went to somewhere else. The next day we headed to North Carolina, where the waves are like the ones surrounding the Titanic. If you ever go there, go to a little place called Jolly Roger. It's a perfect place to go if you like seafood, weirdness, pirates, and mirrors on the roof. The next day we climbed a lighthouse, in the rain. We got to go out on that little porch at the top. It was very wet. The next day we went to some awesome sand dunes. They were HUGE. That night we went souvenir shopping. I got an entire outfit of Tye-dye! Next day: Medieval Festival in Maryland. I got a tail! Yes, a tail. Next day: heading home.We stayed in Maryland for church the next day. It was insane! They had a coffee bar, and the kids church was great, and they had free chocolates! I never want to go back! I think I like my church better. Anyways, that leads up to today. Today we went to a mansion. Imagine living there! All those rooms. How many do you need? Well, that leads up to now. I'm blogging. Rocky's glad to be back home. For those of you who don't know my golden retriever Rocky, check my profile and look at the picture. He's the yellow blob on the right. Well, for more information or any questions, visit me at church. Oh my gosh, this just may be my longest post yet. Well, check back tomorrow. Bye!

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