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Monday, September 20, 2010


Well, I meant to post yesterday, but I really have to start at the beginning. Let's start in the morning, when I woke up at five o'clock, stayed in bed until six, took a walk, and then went to church.

In church today, Jeanie asked us a bunch of questions. They were like "circle one: I like/don't like to be hugged," and, "one of my biggest fears in life is______________" and stuff like that. It was pretty good. But after church, we went apple picking with some people from church.

Well, of course, me being Cassidy, I climbed right up in a tree to eat my lunch. Then, Yuri and Mackenzie and Aidan and Casey and Tom (who's an adult, I might add) got up too, and it was getting too crowded up there. So, dad took a bunch of us kids over to THE PLAYGROUND to play on the ole wheel of death, known for killing children and giving mothers heart attacks.

When my dad spins the wheel of death, watch out on the sidelines. Kids go flying off in every direction, and it was AWESOME! Yuri took, like, four nasty spills and Zach had the best one I've seen. He hung on to the bar for, like, four seconds before he went off! It deserves a *_* STAR SMILEY! Then, actually, we went apple picking.

We got plenty of apples. BUT, this post doesn't stop there. After the apple orchard, guess what? We got to go to the four o'clock Patriots game! At which my cousin Hunter got into the picture. He rode up on Uncle John's motorcycle. Talk about a grand entrance.

Okay, so, I hung out at the football game with Zach, Ozzy, Sheesh, the boys, you know that stuff. I had a mini-size candy bar (courtesy of Zach) and mom made me eat the veggies out of a chicken pot pie. But then, I realized, we were really close to church. I hopped in Polly's car.


The car ride was pretty boring, just Miss Polly, Steph, and Summer talking about things. We got there, played this game where we had to guess slogans of companies. Then we did worship, and altar time, and a lesson, and then we were dismissed. Not that long, but still, I can say "Cassidy has gone to youth."

It was a busy day. That's why I didn't blog. Okay, well, I have to go. Have fun and leave awesome comments! PEACE!


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