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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Heyllo from footeball game

Okay, so the game hasn't officially started yet but I desperately needed to blog! As our van serves as an all-church bus during football season, we gave Sheesh and Liam a ride. It turned into a chicken fight with some frozen chicken wings that we shall eat later for lunch.

Church was okay. Middle school group went a little long. And, uh, someone just showed up! It seems to be some people here to watch the game. Corrina and Aidan are watching iCarly on Uncle Harry's big TV. Ugh, my arm itches. I scratched in in class today. I think it was on the foosball table. Or the soda boxes or something.

I'm being very random. I'm just bored until some other people get here. We're not allowed to go upstairs for football games, because someone (Anthony) was making out with a lot of someones (The youth girls) upstairs in the spare room. And NOW since my aunt and uncle found out about that, all the kids and youth are banished from the upper level.

I shouldn't be blamed for something Pizza boy and Summer were doing. It's unfair. Oh, gotta go. Kaylyn showed up. PEACE


Loulou said...

Wow, is seems like "SOMEPEOPLE" should learn to keep the MO to a MINIMUM... But hope the football game is fun!!!

Kristen said...

dang! Anthony must be a "naughty boy."