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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Omigosh, I can't take it I can't stop blogging because I MISS YOU GUYS and I know it's only been a few days but AUGH! I know I was being silly, but AUGH I need to post again because when life gets interesting and no one can hear about it then life goes on boringly and UH I have to get to the point before you all lose interest and go kill a pig or something!

Sorry. Let me get my focus back and post. I admit, that last post was a little loopy, and I thought that it wasn't that important to me, but I guess if I can get six comments and thirty-seven followers, then this ole thing must be worth reading to someone.

Okay. Why I am posting after my incredibly short break is because LIFE IS INTERESTING. On Saturday, we went to the Spencer fair. It was REALLY fun. We watched a bunch of shows, ate a wonderful bacon cheeseburger, ate Carmel corn, and five out of the six of us caught colds from sharing the same water bottle! Rock on things I would've learned in health class!

After the fair, we went to Howard's. The place with food and ice cream. I got this yummy candy bar thing, and that was it for Saturday. Oh, and then me and Aidan and Casey played Webkinz for a bit. The boys love it, so it's a new weekend thing. It's really cute, because they have music videos, and we all sing to them (when we know the words, of course!)

On Sunday was my first day in the middle school group at church. Remember last week was my graduation? Well, for the first part of the class, we were in worship with the adults and youth. After that, all the kids in my new group filed into the youth room. It's me, Ozzy, Ozzy's friend Brady, Liam, Yuri, Crysta, Zach, and Issac. No one knows Issac all that well. Well, we played this game where we all had to share one thing about ourselves. Mine was I play piano. Everyone thought I was the one my brother had dropped on my head. (Anthony dropped Zach off the couch, and frankly, who could blame him?)

After that, they had to fix the DVD player, leaving us a lot of time to talk. Most of it was Brady yelling at Yuri because everyone was talking and he could only hear Yuri. Then it was Zach talking to me, me telling him to stop talking, he whining, me telling him to stop whining, and by that time, they'd fixed the DVD player and we watched a weird drama about some pop star guy and this black lady. It was to represent that God wants to know us, not people we pretend to be, and not to try and look cool, because God wants to know YOU, not to see you being cool.

I know it sounds like a wash. It was okay, though. Trust me, the week before, we watched Veggie Tales in kid's church.

Yep, definitely an upgrade.

Yours truly-and-back,



Loulou said...

Sooo happy to have you back, we, or at least I truly missed you!!! And good job on the upgrade for the church DVD watching thing! See ya later!

Mizz Ali said...

Glad your back :)

Cool post, BTW :)

Kristen said...

i used to love veggie tales!

Katie said...

Hey cass! I hate you! next time dont go to the spencer fair without ME. ;D