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Sunday, September 5, 2010

I guess no one's really all that interested anymore...

Okay, well, this is really awkward, but I'm done. I'm done. I don't think you guys like my blog all that much anymore, so I'm just gonna say it's been a real pleasure blogging with you guys. No one seems to read anymore, and I know that hasn't stopped me before, but I think I'm out of it. I'm not gonna delete this blog, but no one seems to care about me, so goodbye.

Yours truly (for good)




Mizz Ali said...

Don't be stupid. Just because no-one comments doesn't mean they don't read. Half the time I read I just don't have enough time to comment!

Please stay?

Kristen said...

aw come on!! I agree w/ Mizz Ali. Besides, most of the time I don't get half as many comments as you, because I don't post every day. Is this post just a ruse to get more comments???? Sorry, just trying to think on the flip side of things.

Addie said...

Oh my gosh I'm really sorry i haven't been reading, I'm really interested, I've just been sooo busy with... life! i haven't even been writing in my own blog... Anyway, I hope you don't leave forever... I'll miss you!

Loulou said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW... please dont leave, i havent really commented on anyone's blogs recently, been too busy blogging on my own, but that doest mean i dont read... But if you trul;y belive that we dont read than i guess you could stop. Its your choice, and im not going to force you to keep blogging........... But if you wanna stay then that's awesome!!!

Tiffany said...


I hate this, because I know how you feel. I can't make you stop, but I CAN comment a long, rambly comment :) I liked reading your posts this whole time!


Anonymous said...

Casidy, your Auntie Terry loves you but I don't have time to respond. But I enjoy your blog and share it with your aunts ang grammie. Please don't quit. I got up for school today at 4:15 am and just happened to check your site.
I agree with what others said in response but I don't think you're stupid. Just feeling a bit unappreciated though I'm sure. It is always crazy as everyone goes back to their school routine.

love you lots, Aunt Terry