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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Tim Burton review

Okay, so, I just finished watching today Tim Burton's Edward Scissor hands. Okay, so what if it's PG-13??? There was only one scene I had to skip, 'kay?

Well, cool beginning, wonderful special effects. I love Tim Burton, as you all must know by now. So I was excited about this one. Started it, it's awesome, loved the scissors and stuff. Wouldn't it be cool to have scissors for hands? Still, I guess it'd be hard to eat like that...

The movie's about this inventor, he made a man, gave him everything, heart, insides, brain, everything but hands. This Avon lady comes in to the inventor's mansion. The inventor had died, and hadn't given the man hands.

I don't see why, but he had scissors for hands. That was Edward.

So, he comes and lives with Peg, the Avon lady, and cuts people's hair, trims their dogs, does their hedges. He makes ice sculptures, too. But his scissors can pick locks, and Peg's daughter Kim's boyfriend takes advantage of him and tries to break in and steal from his father.

So he gets in trouble with the police, falls in love with Kim, and runs away to go back to the mansion. But Kim's boyfriend follows him and tries to kill him! I'll spare the details, but her boyfriend ends up dead, through a window. Kim lies and says Edward was killed too, but she knew it was wrong.

I loved most of the movie except the end. In the end, she goes back home and he just stays up there, all alone. I don't like the ending AT ALL.

9 out of 10. I would give it a common sense rating of about 12 and up. There's one scene...no more detail.

Thank you. Don't forget to eat cotton and bake bacon. Make sure coffee doesn't cough and diets don't die, but be sure to dine on dinner and drop rocks on rock stars.


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