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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flash of news

Okay, so, right now I'm blogging off of the computer in the children's room at the library where CHILL is held. In class today, our teacher let us eat lunch before class (WA-HO!) and then let us out early, so I was bored and asked mom if I can come down here. It's one of those computer keyboards where it's covered in plastic and sounds funny.

Alright then, back to my anagram. No one answered it, so I'll tell you. THEN UNREAD was the puzzle. The correct answer was UNDERNEATH! And if you look underneath, you will find a message from yours truly. ME. You don't fail if you couldn't get it, it took me a while to do it too. (Well, of course, I figured it out before I asked you! duh)

Since we're done with that one, who can answer this riddle? A man rides into town on Tuesday. He stays for one night then leaves on Friday. How did he do it?

Whoever answers correctly gets a special prize! What? You'll find out if you're right!

In class today, the boys drunk Sam's salad dressing right out of the bottle. ICK! It was gross. A little later, everyone started dancing. Then, JP sent a voicemail to our teacher DURING the class. He does it EVERY STINKIN' WEEK! Come on, dude, SOOOOO immature!

Who saw Better With You last night? I did. It's okay, and one of the characters is Casey. It's literally what he'll be like when he grows up. :D

Okay, gotta go now. Bye everyone! Cassidy out.


Mizz Ali said...

his horse's name is friday

Loulou said...

there are many answers, one being that we are writing science fiction stories in English, and he is probably a time traveler. haha, no but really!