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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cassidy's obsessions

Well HELLO there people who are very fortunate to be reading this blog! As you can see, we got a large blog adjustment and I changed the background to something cooler. Black is very boring. Sorry, Pastor Mike, the picture of the galaxy didn't look very good with this one.

Even so, I think it looks good now. I was going to go with the tye-dye one, but Katie (my friend from another blog and bff in general) already took it. ERK! Blah hah on you, Katie. Just kiddin', you rock and your new blog picture is really cool!

Um, I'll be back in a second, but in the meantime, please enjoy this photo my father took of some alpacas at the Spencer fair.
Sorry about that. My sister's got a DVD of iCarly from Netflix, and it's funny. Guess what my favorite episode is? iMeet Fred. Yeah, now my dad loves Fred. I told him that there are more videos on YouTube, which I THINK ROCKS. Okey-dokey, I gotta fly. See ya tomorrow, hopefully from a football game AAH!

Yours truleeeeeeeeeeeeeeey,



Loulou said...

I love that episode too!!! And ill admit that i sometimes watch Icarly... SO FINE. LAUGH... SEE IF I CARE... but srously, love the new blog!

Mizz Ali said...

haha awesome pic!!!!!
looovveeee the stars!