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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey, haven't seen one of these things in a while!

Yo, guys, I got an award from the nice, funny, awesome Loulou! It's called the substance award, I think. Well, it doesn't have a picture, but here we go!

1: THNX a bunch, Loulou! You rock and your comments are fun to see. Love your blog, and thanks for reminding me, I would never have gotten to it! <3 <3

2: Sum up your blogging philosophy, some other big words, and stuff in five words: This blog is my life.

3: Give this award to bloggers I think have the potential in them. I award Kristen, Mizz Ali, Tiff, and Katie. You guys r-o-c-k, rock.

You know, it's funny. A few years ago, the people I considered my friends all lived down the street or in the next town over. Now, I've got people from all over! Isn't that so cool? I live somewhere in the USA, but as of where I'm not allowed to say. Parents think I'll be tracked down or something. Whatev!

Okay, now for two brief random facts:

Be SILENT and LISTEN, for just as a FUNERAL can be REAL FUN, to read my story, just look THEN UNREAD. Notice something about the caps words? They're all anagrams! That means that they have the same letters, just in a different order. If you can mix up the words to give me what THEN UNREAD can stand for, you'll win, uh, a prize!

Pickles are cucumbers dipped in brine. Yuck, I hate pickles!

I got a joke on a previous comment. How come your feet always smell and your nose always runs? Ha, this isn't a bad joke! Hey, it's right, how come? Confusing! Okay, later guys.

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Loulou said...

I love your comments to, and im glad that I gave it to you! I have no idea what THEN UNREAD is an anagram for, cant wait to find out!