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Friday, September 10, 2010

Whoopsies, how did that happen?

Uh, I guess I posted today! See, I started that last night, then had to go eat dinner, and I guess I forgot all about it! AUGH! I guess it got published by someone else! I WASN'T DONE!

Anyways, today we had to go to the hospital. No, I didn't put anyone on life support, you guys are so mean. Haha, no, I'm just kidding. (I'm not kidding about the part where I'm not putting anyone on life support) My mom's arm's been hurting her lately. Could everyone please pray it gets better? I hope it's not fractured or anything, hm.

The funny thing is, she did it while she was playing a Wii game. Some exercises thing, and she held her hand too high and banged her arm on the ceiling fan! Oh my indeedy. So, let's all hope that she feels okay because THE WEEKEND IS AHEAD OF US!

That's right it's Friday which means extra TV and staying up late in my house WOOHOO! I love the weekend because it is the end of the week and this Sunday is:

The first football game of the season!

Yep, this weekend, we go on over to Uncle Harry's and, well, you all know the thing about football games! They're fun, but you can't have fun without THE YOUTH HOGGING THE SPARE ROOM WITH THE TV oh such agony!

And, of course, this Sunday is another day in youth for me, so that means I have to be real quiet so I don't invite anyone to the game who shall remain nameless (Zach) who I don't want there. Oh, I gotta go! I'll post this now so it doesn't get neglected and posting without me finishing.

Yours true-and-continuously,



Loulou said...

I finally get your post, it was weird if that was all you were supposed to post, but all is right in the world now!!! LOVE YOU!

Mizz Ali said...

soooo glad your back!