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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another visit to the principal's office...

And no, I'm not in trouble. (Today, anyways) Aidan got sent to the office today AGAIN. Next time, he gets SUSPENDED for a day or something. Groovy. I'd probably get sent to the office now if I were in public school (for those of you who don't know, I'm home schooled) for talking too much, or maybe for beating up boys. Either one.

Anyways, Lily's over our house today. She's staying for dinner, then leaving. First, we tried to find a costume for Corrina (I'm being Cinderella, the BEFORE the ball, duh, I'm not gonna be a princess! Ew) but that proved unsuccessful. Then we went outside for a while and we all laughed at some stupid stuff. Now they're upstairs doing something while I took the time to blog.

Casey and dad are out somewhere, and mom's on the laptop, upstairs. Today we had CHILL, which was okay. In lateral thinking (there's that word again) four teenage boys and an eleven-year-old kid acted out a question. Pretty ridiculous, if you ask me. Boys are so weird.

Anyways, so far no good with my follower outreach. Alright, I know it's already been one day, but I didn't get a whole lot of responses. If you'd like to help us host a super post, get me AT LEAST forty followers by the end of the month. If not, it's your loss, not mine. I'd just love some more people to share the love with! Awwww.

I'm wearing a fuzzy blue hat today. FUZZY. I love FUZZY hats. F-u-z-z-y. Okay, gotta go, adios. Peace, ciao, aloha, goodbye, see ya, stay good, stay strong, and never stop loving watermelons.

I love ending posts with something random.


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