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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Contest! Everybody! Contest!

Okay, as of today, we're having our first blog contest here at WOC headquarters! Do you guys want to see some cool stuff? Want to enjoy yourselves and laugh 'till you wet your pants? DO YOU WANT A MEATBALL????!?!?

If you answered YES! HECK YEAH! to any of the preceding statements, YOU that's right YOU could help us achieve a goal and in return, I will give you people a SUPER POST! It's so easy! And here's how!

1: Invite all your friends, friend's friends, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces, daughters, brothers, followers, sisters, ANYONE who has a blogger account to come check out this site!

2: Ask them to follow. Make a blog post, text them, call them, fax them, shout really loudly, I DON'T CARE! Just in some way or another, get 'em here!

3: The rest is up to me! If we touch 40 followers by the end of September, I will give you all a totally awesome post! Videos, photos, talk, text, quotes and of course, my own randomness!

It's SO easy! It's like 123 and all you guys have to do is invite your friends. And YOU can't win unless YOU tell YOUR friends by September 30Th!

Yours true-and-hopefully,



Aoife. said...

Haha, will do.

And the braces my grandad wears are these stretchy things that go over your back and clip onto your trousers to hold them up.

Very fashionable, no?

Loulou said...

i will totally try it!!! And i just saw your to my followres page, and i totally love that you included me, even though i am one of your later followres!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! :)