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Monday, September 13, 2010

A name game

I heard about this from a book once, and I thought it might make an interesting post. It's this game where you take the letters of your name (or your dog's name, or your cat's name, or your squirrel's name, any name you like) and write out words that start with them. For example, I will now do my little brother Casey's name.

Amazingly loud
Extremely cute

Okay, so maybe Ybooger isn't a word. But I couldn't think of something! In case you didn't get that, here is veal cutlet done:

Very vealy
Exceptionally vealy
Achingly vealy
Lightly vealy

Creatively vealy
Undeniably vealy
Terrifically vealy
Let's say it tastes like veal
Except the fact I've never had a veal cutlet, they're very good. Very vealy
Thank you for tasting vealy

Yes, that did not work out as well as I'd hoped. Okay, now I'll do my friend Katie's name.

Kawesome (not a word, but I couldn't think of a K word!)
Extra-cool blog

K is a hard letter to do, okay? And for good measure, I'll do one of my reader's names.

Kool (sorry for any misspellings. IT'S THE LETTER K AGAIN!)
Really awesome blog
Is a really good artist (I've seen something of hers on her blog once)
Super-awesome blog
Thinks about things
Esparagus (sorry. It just came out)
Nuts (sorry. I'm hungry.)

Anyone want to do me? (Or anyone else you can think of!) Go ahead! Do it on your own blog or comment it to me! Rock on, guys, and never stop shampooing ducks, eating butter, bathing in cranberry juice, or loving llamas.

Yours true-and-I-should-stop-saying-thing-because-it's-getting-oldly,



Loulou said...

Super blog
Ideal blogger
Deliciously funny
You are awesome!

Mizz Ali said...

Supreme Blogging Skills
Down-right cool
You rock!

Haha :)