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Monday, October 25, 2010


Here are some cute pictures of Yoshi! (I know I'm not all that into Yoshi, but he's cute and I thought about him before I sat down, so why not?)

This one's kinda cute. He's sitting on grass. Sheesh plays as Yoshi when we do Mario Kart and stuff like that. She likes Yoshi, and who doesn't? He's adorable!
This is a weird picture, I must admit. Birdo's in there too, I guess. Notice how funny her nose/mouth is. And how she's, like, riding piggyback or something. And wearing a ring. Maybe they're married. Maybe this photo was taken on their honeymoon. To the land of rainbow. And eggs floating around.

Okay, so, yesterday, as whoever read that post knows, it was a football game. A four o'clock Patriots game, to be exact. Which means I was there until seven, hanging out with people.

The most fun part had to be singing. (I know I'm not that great at singing, but still...) See, early that game I showed Zach the Duck song on Youtube. He was loved it. After a while, we showed Felicia. (Then uncle Harry yelled at us and so we couldn't go on Youtube anymore that day)

So right before we were about to leave, we all sung it in this awesome porch-thing that my uncle and aunt have. It's this soundproof room, and the walls bounce and echo. No one heard us, we just sung. The whole song. It was awesome.

I know I don't like Zach, he's annoying and spent most of the day following me outside, but it was one of those moments when you just let it go and have fun. And you know what?

Ozzy got the marker off.


Loulou said...


Katie said...

My bros love Yoshi! totally cute!
P.S. Never heard of Birdo

Kristen said...


Cookie Ross said...

Did you know... Birdo is a dude... That makes that picture of Yoshi and Birdo even more odd.

Katie said...

No way! Birdo is totally agirl. What boy wears a bow or is pink!

Katie said...

Also what boy has boobs and a diamond ring!

Katie said...

Just noticed now, Birdo has giant lashes and yoshi does'nt

Cassidy said...

I think Katie has Birdo issues! lol :)

Cookie Ross said...

Actually, it's a dude. In the instruction manual for the first game Birdo was in it says: "Birdo thinks he is a girl and likes to be called Birdetta. He likes to wear a bow on his head and shoot eggs from his mouth."
So I'm afraid it's a guy. A cross dressing guy.

Katie said...

Sooooooooo weird. And FYI Cass I've never even seen Birdo till' posted just now :p

Katie said...

Totally reminds me of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.