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Saturday, October 23, 2010

If I break my left arm, I will have injured every part of my body

OMG, G for gosh, today was SO exhausting! It was harvest fest for church, so we have to go back to about six o'clock this morning.

I got out of bed at six because Corrina poked me so much, telling me to get up. Then my dad was nice enough to buy us dounuts and Coolatas and Dunkin' Dounuts. (I guess normal coffee was too much effort at seven thirty am) Yes, we got Coolatas in the freezing cold in October.

At church, thanks to a less-than-pleasant visit from Ozzy* and Morgan, we watched the Brady Bunch and drank our coffee-flavored beverages. At ten, after praying, we all slipped on church logo t-shirts and headed off to the deserted common that in only six hours would become a big bash big enough for 250 people to come.

When the thing started, it was a blast. I got the MOST POPULAR game, the wheel of creation, which was kind of a Christan roulette. It was fun! It was so popular, I had to make about ten trips to get more prizes.** It was a total fun fest, and I think a lot of kids, teens, and adults had fun doing it to. Pastor Patrick said that I did a great job, and that I had a "great personality."

Sadly, now I feel like someone came and picked me up, used me as a bowling ball, and got a strike. My feet feel like mallets are banging on them from standing so much, I had a hammer mishap and my finger was bleeding and in pain, my legs ache, my right arm is sore from swinging the wheel, my hands are cold, my head is sniffy and tired, I have a pain in my side, and my voice is a little scratchy from yelling so much. (See? All I need is that left arm!)

If you know me and came, I hope you had a great time and thanks! Oh, and the picture thing yesterday went fine. (Other then me, my sister, and mom rushing down a busy street with a shopping cart in the cold wind) (Don't ask)

*Ozzy let the youth girls color and paint on his face, and Summer wrote I SMELL on his forehead. As awesome as this is, they did it in permanent marker and tomorrow he may come to church with I SMELL on his head. I feel terrible.

**Special thanks to Dave, who helped me with the crowds, covering for me when I needed some popcorn, giving me refills on prizes, and definitely kept everyone entertained by coming over every five minutes wearing my father's black cowboy hat.




Loulou said...

wow, someone had fun! oh, and it seems like you had a nice day, of pain and such, but still a nice day!

yui said...

Hi. I regularly visit your blog.
Your story makes me fun and I can't wait the next update!
I'll write soon.

Katie said...

Lots of laughs Cass