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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cassidy's day of laughter

Oh my gosh, today was A+ on my list! First, as you all know, I had CHILL today. Well, in class, we had to read something out of the Bible. Well, everyone did fine except Cal. He read the wrong verse. We had to answer a question.

Why did God create sorrow and sin?

Cal's answer: Because at the day of judgement, we will be punished!

Apparently, Cal was totally out of his mind. The verse he read (which was NOT the correct verse!) said "Save me Lord! I'm being attacked by vines!"

What the banana does that have to do WITH SORROW AND SIN?

Then, my day of laughs didn't stop at rehearsal. We had Theater Etiquette at rehearsal (Loulou, you told me to keep you posted. I'm posting!) but after that, we had VOCAL WARM UP. We had to HORRORS! sing.

Before we sung (goodness me!) we had to see how long we could exhale our breath. I held it for twenty seconds. This little girl could do it for, like, thirty five seconds! WOW! Anyways, so when I was out of breath, me and Anthony collapsed on the floor, laughing.

What is so funny about being out of breath? I don't remember. I just remember that it was funny.

Anyways, later, I was directing my scene. It was Kathrine and Anastasia's turn. Well, long story short, Kathrine laughed like Dracula, I told her she's not Dracula, she's Hillary, and that made her laugh more, then I made some remarks about her laughing, which made our whole group (Elizabeth, Anastasia, Kat and Hannah) laugh, and I made more jokes, which made EVERYONE laugh (even though they had no idea at what they were laughing) which made my day very happy.

So that's my day of laughter. Does anyone remember a day where they couldn't stop laughing? Tell me! I NEED TO KNOW!


Loulou said...

Thanks so much for keeping me posted!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! and i had one of those days not too long ago. You know the song sk8ter boy? well my friend was singing that and he kept getting the HE and SHE parts mixed, saying HE when it was supposed to be SHE and vice-versa... So then we burst out laughing, which cause Nick, one of my BF's, to drop the gum he was chewing... which made us laugh even more, and then, when he went to throw it away, it got stuck to the side of the trash can... HAHAHAHA!!! WE WERE LAUGHING SOOO HARD!!! IT WAS SOOOO FUNNY!!!! and then our stomachs hurt really badly so we stopped...

Sorry, really long comment... :P <3

Kristen said...

What an absolutely fantastic day!!! I love those. . . here's a link that will make you ROTFLOL: It just spreads the joy!