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Monday, October 18, 2010

Pictures of awesomeness!!!!

I found these really cute pictures of the Tellytubbies! It's not much of a post, but in case you've never seen them, here  they are!

I love this one! (Everyone knows I love the Beatles) and from left-to-right, it's Po, Lala, Dipsy (ME!) And Tinky-Winky. So cute!
And here they seem to be performing. Or something. Performing. They're performing, creepy puppets. Yes, indeed, they are creepy to the younger generation. Of babies. The babies are scared of, uh, meatloaf. And bicycles. Babies have a fear of bicycles.

And here we see Dipsy with a nice maroon background with the name Dipsy printed on it. Hence the photo of Dipsy. They probably just took the picture because they already had the background that said Dipsy on it.

Today's words of wisdom: Aw, Jeffy, I'll be dead soon, why don't you call more? From Growing Pains season one.


Cookie Ross said...

Oh lord, I remember my little sisters being obsessed with these creatures when they were younger...
Tubbytoast still haunts my dreams.

Loulou said...

OMGEE I love the teletubbies!!! LOVE YOU TOO BTW!!!

Katie said...

AWSOME PICS! but I can't see the middle one, every computer I use gives me the RED X