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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Last night, I had my first rehearsal. Turns out, not only am I going to be in the Grinch, I'm also going to be in the Wizard of Oz! The rehearsal was really fun, and I'm going to be directing a little play called Afternoon of the Elves. It's fun being a director.

First, we all played this game where we did a motion and made a sound. Mine was jetting out my hip and saying "boom" as a joke :D It was funny watching everyone do it. There are a lot of people in my group.

There's a group of teenage girls (there's ALWAYS a group of teenage girls, isn't there?) and there are four boys. Lou, Anthony, some kid I don't remember his name, and this weird kid named Pierce. Only Anthony is in my group. (Not the Anthony from church, that God)

I made friends with a REALLY tall girl named Holly and a REALLY short girl named Kathrine. There are a lot of little kids. Every one's really tall, or really short, or really skinny, or really, eh em, the opposite of skinny. There are seven year old who look like they're four, and sixteen year old who look like they're thirty.

I love it! Every one's weird and random!

So then we did our groups, everyone said they liked my shirt. Wherever I go, I always get comments about my shirts. They usually have funny stuff on them, so that might explain it. I also got a comment about my hat. It was a military cap, a black one, with white peace signs and a diamond silver peace sign. I like that hat, and so did everyone else.

Thankfully, no one broke their leg. Hahahahaha, Loulou, yeah, maybe I should break someone Else's leg. I know, like Zach! Oh, no, wait, he's not an actor (unlike his brother) so that wouldn't really make much sense. Well, except for on Sundays.

This week, we did a play in class. Zach was "Chad," the world's worst boyfriend. So now he's Zach, Garbage Boy, and now Chad. We'll have to call him Zarbad, a combination of them. Okay, bye, guys!

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Loulou said...

Wow, seems like you sure had fun! I am going to audition for a play in Winter, ill be sure to keep you posted on mine if you keep me posted on yours! HAVE FUN!