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Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm pretty tired today. I mean, Sheesh and Kaylyn slept over last night, and they sleep over again tonight. This morning, I got up pretty early for me. Then, we went for a walk. It's so cold! Well, it's less cold and more windy. And I talked to mom and dad about EXPENSIVE THINGS.

I've decided just to ask for money for my birthday and Christmas this year because I'm pretty sure my parents aren't going to get me expensive, cool stuff. Like DSs and Ipod Touches and Flip cameras. I really need a new camera. The ones I got are old and going to be broken in a little bit. I use my camera ALMOST as much as my father.

Ever since my parents got a good camera, my dad's been taking pictures of things almost as random as I do. Like the roads on the way back home from the beach. And my mother eating an apple. I explaned to my parents how much this stuff is nescessary, but they don't seem to get it.

My mom gave the valid response that we never even DEVELOP the pictures we take with the cameras. I said that I download the pictures to my mp3 player and view them there without wasting paper! Three words for ya: TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY.

Okay, and back to my tiredness. I sat in the shower today. Yes. SAT in the shower. It was the greatest thing ever. I highly advise that you guys try it.

UGH! Tomorrow we have to go see dad's friends. Someone and Mrs. Someone. There's actually a football game tomorrow, and there hasn't been one in a month! I'm really bummed. DAD HAD THREE WEEKS TO GO OVER THE SOMEONES, WHY DOES HE PICK NOW? And I don't know if there's a game next week, and the week after we can't go because we have to go to a preschool party.

Oh, yes. I am really looking forward to the blow-up house and crafts, which just happen to be two of my least favorite things.


Addie said...

Hey!! Thanks for following my new blog! I was just reading some posts I've missed in my absence! Sorry I haven't been commenting/reading, I've been really busy. But cool posts!

Loulou said...

haha have fun in the bouncy house!!!