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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When's the next biggie?

Okay, so, this is my 181st post. Don't think I'm not excited. I'm glad that I've done that many. And, with 200 coming up, I'm very proud. However, I will not be having a big movie-and-stuff celebration for 200. We will have a thank-you post, a little celebration not unlike our 150, 50, and all that. Our next BIG celebration will be 250, because that's a quarter of a thousand posts. After that will be (If we reach it) 500. And so on. Okay, onto the topic...

I've been really thinking about: what's my next biggie? I mean, with writing. I love writing, but all my stories are kind of, well, I've written them! All the stuff I wrote about don't seem to spark a lot of interest anymore. The REALLY big one, my Chabigail books, I've completed the series and now I'm done with that. The next one would be my Webkinz books, but I'm done with Webkinz. I'm kind of out of it. So, I'm writing books, but they don't really feel right. I need something new to write about. I should find a new website to write about. That would work. I dunno. Anyone, book requests????? If YOU people have any ideas, contact please! I'm a little low in the comment department. Anyways, I think that I might need a break from non-stop writing. I mean, I do it a lot! I seem to be the only one blogging in my little blog-o-sphere. Where is everybody? POST!