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Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter (the only time of year you people get me not in torn jeans)

Easter is this upcoming Sunday, and it's going to be candy full. I love candy. So, candy, eggs, fancy clothes, all this stuff. Let's remember that the entire purpose of Easter is GOD, shall we? So, Easter is a very important time of year. There's religious stuff, there's a lot of candy, there's egg finding, there's a lot of stuff going on. Including family. Oh, speaking of eggs, I found out that there's this really addicting game that comes with the laptop named diner dash, and it's SO ADDICTING! It's awesome! Last night, I played it for, like, three hours while Corrina watched AFV. Man, it's pretty pointless, but it's SO addicting! Pointless games usually are addicting, if you haven't noticed. On the other hand, pointless games are usually the best games...

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Jesson said...

I love this Game Easter Egg Hunting...