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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Karate kicking in the dark

Last night, before sleeping in my current make-shift bedroom (Aka, the church attic, as some call it, or the spare room at Sheeh's) I did a little ti-chi, or whatever. I karate kicked the air, and actually, Felecia took a pic. and now, on my new Polaroid, there's a picture of me kicking air. I also now have a picture of KK and Corrina doing hair, Felicia trying to get the N64 to work, my foot (lol), me making a face, a bed sheet (A misclick), and me and Corrina. I also got a picture of Mrs. Polly's stuffed moose. So, I'm into my camera. Well, after I did that for a while, KK, Sheesh, and Corrina played a really loud game of "See who can stay on the couch the longest", which is where everyone is shoving and biting and pulling hair and jumping and yelling and laughing and squealing and acting like the house is on fire. Well, Uncle Harry caught them and that ended the night. Oh well. I had my MP3, with pictures, video and music. So ended the night.

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