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Saturday, March 27, 2010


That's not a word, but it explains what today is! EGGMOSOPHIA! EGGS! EGG HUNT! Today's the church egg hunt. I have to work, as usual. But, Jessica and 'Lyssa are coming, so that takes care of the boredom fix. However, it's going to be really fun for kids. ATTENTION! If you have kids (Pretty much ages 2-13) who are doing NOTHING today, and they are suffering from candy-not-having-disease, this is perfect! Check around ______ oops- can't give the town-mom's rules; we're in the area. Candy, games, snacks, crafts, puppet shows, EGGS!, and a lot more stuff. So, have fun! G2g. Bye.

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Jesson said...

what's that egg hunting for easter sunday....