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So how y'all doing? My name's Cassidy and the gentleman you see in my picture is Sam. I like cats and music a lot and oh I play the ukulele, piano, and other shtuff. Have a nice day :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

First post from new laptop

YAY! I'm writing from my new laptop. INTERNET! Well, technically, it's my dad's. But I think of it as mine. It's cool and shiny. I'm so glad. My other laptop that didn't get Internet broke a while ago, and I miss it. But, gladly, dad bought this and WOOHOO! Blogging from new computer. Seems to be working good. So, now, even when dad's working from home, I can still go on computer. Good good. I'm happy. So, I guess it's friday. Again. Test day. Again. Well, tomorrow's saterday. My friend Jessica and her little sister (Who's Corrina's friend) Alyssa are coming to the easter egg hunt. That's good. OH! I forgot! The easter egg hunt is tomorrow! I have to work! Hopefully Jessica and 'Lyssa get some religious ANYTHING into them. Pray for that. That's good. Bye peeps.