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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Who am I???

A lot of people I know probably think of me as the weird kid running down the hallway sceaming and getting 'pulled over' by Mrs. Polly and being told one of the following, "Stop yelling", "They're praying in there", "Don't run", "No running", or "How many times do I have to tell you to stop yelling??". Now, I feel guilty. Now you guys probably think I'm always in trouble. Well I'm not! But one very backwards memory stands out in my mind. Once Mrs. Polly was on a trip so Ms. Joanie filled in. She's a very nice old woman at our church that usually teaches the little kids. So once, for some reason, she took me to the front of the church and told all the kids how that my parents are very godly people and they do a lot for the church. I was very embarrassed. I think that's the word of the day, embarrassed. I like that! It means to be humiliated. My grandma gave me a dictionary! WHOA! Now I can tell you the meaning of big words like embarrassed.Well, anyways. But I can have my days. Sometimes I know what to do when no one else does. I can be a very entertaining person. Lots of people like me and I have lots of friends. A lot of older kids hang out with me. The oldest is Annie, fourteen. Well, gotta go vamoose. (To scram)




BostonBrown said...

You shouldn't feel guilty, just be more quiet...haha.

mamabrown said...

Cassidy' Let me tell you an embarrassing moment that felt like an eternity. when i was a teenager I used to help clean our church. One Fri. afternoon I was there as usual. I love to sing and sing I did. Although sometimes singing can get you in trouble. This particular day I went into the sanctuary singing to the top of my lungs. Someone forgot to inform me there was a wedding rehearsal going on. OOps Boy was I embarrassed. LOL