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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Unwrap a package full of wishes

This line is from the new sears commercial you see every two minuets. My Auntie Fran works at sears.I think it's right. If anyone can give Vanessa Hudges tap shoes and in the next
couple seconds she's a rock star, well, I want tap shoes for Christmas! The point isn't about presents from sears, it's about miracles happening. God can make such amazing things happen. Who here watches extreme make-over home edition? I watch it myself. It's a show hosted by a man named Ty Pennington, who believes in miracles. Ty and the 'extreme team' go into true heroes houses and give their house a make-over. It will change their life forever. If you're in a house that's falling apart, how can you work miracles? So, if you haven't already seen the show, it's on ABC Sundays after AFV. In other words, it's on at eight. This is where you will find that sears commercial every minuet or so. Hey, right back where we started from!

This holiday season, don't just give a gift, grant a wish.


BostonBrown said...

Polly and I always watch that show too.

mamabrown said...

I watch the show and tell others about it. There is never an episode where there are not tears. Real people real problems and real solutions. have a great day