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Saturday, December 13, 2008


With this blog, anyone in the world could be reading it. The president, Hannah Montana, Selina Gomez, the rock, Frankenstein, Pastor Mike, oops he's not famous! But still, anything I say on this blog could make the biggest difference in the world. What every I say here could go into the homes of millions. Whatever you know could be something Barack Obama knows. Just think, by reading this, you not only know more about me, have a better vocabulary, and you now know how weird I am, but you also know things that (hopefully) millions of others know. By reading my profile, you know more about my likes, dislikes,interests, and my personal life. By reading these posts, you have a better amount of me putting things in my own words. You know that I am a writer and that I love computer and that I have a wonderful family. You know I am ten and have my ears pieced and my favorite color is blue. You know a lot about me. That information is all across the globe, too. Think of all the people that know that! Just one problem: no one reads my blog.

See ya!



Anonymous said...

i read it...

Anonymous said...

me too!

Tony said...

i read it and comment.. woohoo


mamabrown said...

I read them sometimes i comment and other times they are too deep for my brain. are you sure you are only ten?