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Friday, December 5, 2008


Mendacious is a very random word.And words are what make up these bizarre posts. Words. Wordy wordy wordy. Wordy wordy wordy wordy wordy wordy wordy words. Words? Words! Word are what make up the life we live everyday. Try going a day without using them and you won't get past the first three hours. I'm not kidding! Don't we all need words to communicate? Do we not think about what to say everyday? "How should I tell my boss I want a raise?" "Should I tell Lisa she hurt my feelings?" "How do I tell my mom I broke her vase?" It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on. I think about what to say to you guys everyday. I always think about which topic and the scale of meaning and randomness. Heck, I care about words so much, I want to learn new ones! Why do you think I give out homework? So you can just look up a random word? Well, yes, but not the point! I write stories everyday, and I wonder this: Every time we write any word there is another word in existence. But it was already there on something else. So, right now, as you are reading, there are probably about 5900000 trillion words in the planet. Is that not a whole heaping lot????? Jeez, what a few. And now, let's learn a new word! How about finding out what esoterica means? That sound interesting. Look it up, fellow panoplies. I don't know what that means. Look that up to. Have a most awesome day full of my wonderful randomness and awesomeness. This blog is guaranteed to bring you happiness, cheer, and good things to consider in your day!

Good thoughts!



mamabrown said...

How old did Pastor Mike say you were. You are an excellent writer. i want to read a book of yours someday. What an imaginatation. I do often read your blogs and find them quite interesting. Mike's mom

BostonBrown said...

There are eleven words in this response and one punctuation mark.