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Thursday, October 4, 2012

touch the light, we're together now

 it's progress report time next week. and right now it's beautiful early october, what with it's colorful trees and early morning chills and extra homework and midterms and teeth chattering and seeing your breath and the anticipation of halloween, just around the corner. i love early fall. i love fall. i love every season. i had a good day today.

i have a lot of favorite things about fall. i love big, bulky, awkward sweaters. i have plenty of those and i bought one today. it's red and stripey and cute and cozy and comfy and soft. sweaters make me feel safe and warm and snug even though i'm at school in a cold classroom at a desk.

i hate to keep bringing up poor kyle like this, but he's transfering to my lunch period. i'm so happy. i missed him. for those who don't know me as well as i'd like, kyle is like my little brother. if you backtrack until last september, you'll see how i met kyle. he's one of my favorite things period. he gives hugs weird. he'll hug you, squeeze, hard, tight, and then go back to being sweet again. it's like the heimlech manuver or something.

one thing i do rather like now, though, is the bus rides to school. i really don't like my bus, because there are a lot of annoying people on there. but in the morning, the bus is all warm and the windows are all foggy and i can just listen to my ipod and block out all of the irritating people. everybody's all bundled up already, because it's just so cold in the morning. we all just roll up our sleeves later because it warms up later in the day.

and of course, halloween and thanksgiving and all those good stuff. and, let's not forget my birthday is in a month and i don't know what to do for it. probably something with sam. i don't know. i think i have to study for an english quiz tomorrow though, so we'll see yall later.
"you flip my words and change the tempo and somehow you just make it simple it's beautiful to see. you sing to me and my heart comes to life, beating for you every time it's beating, beating."-favorite song by tobyMac and Jamie Grace

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